3 beneficios de adquirir un software personalizado

3 benefits of acquiring custom software

Managing is not an easy task, that is why many businessmen have preferred to optimize their processes with the implementation of some custom software, but what are the benefits of acquiring custom software? Is a personalized program better than a mass one? find out with us. In the market there are many programs to be […]

¿Cuáles áreas puede potenciar un software personalizado?

What areas can personalized software enhance?

The technology available today can make people’s lives easier and companies more productive. There is so much current technology that some people say “everything has already been invented”, however, for companies this is not always valid and in those cases the option we recommend is to resort to personalized software. But really, when is it […]

Conocé la mejor plataforma para eventos virtuales

Meet the best platform for virtual events

And well, what an ambitious title. But the truth is that Polpoflix deserves it! During the global emergency that we are experiencing due to COVID-19, the events industry has had to transform itself in order to spread its wings in the digital world. Thinking before the pandemic of a 100% virtual event where visitors, organizers […]