3 beneficios de adquirir un software personalizado

3 benefits of acquiring custom software

Managing is not an easy task, that is why many businessmen have preferred to optimize their processes with the implementation of some custom software, but what are the benefits of acquiring custom software? Is a personalized program better than a mass one? find out with us. In the market there are many programs to be […]

¿Cuáles áreas puede potenciar un software personalizado?

What areas can personalized software enhance?

The technology available today can make people’s lives easier and companies more productive. There is so much current technology that some people say “everything has already been invented”, however, for companies this is not always valid and in those cases the option we recommend is to resort to personalized software. But really, when is it […]

Conocé la mejor plataforma para eventos virtuales

Meet the best platform for virtual events

And well, what an ambitious title. But the truth is that Polpoflix deserves it! During the global emergency that we are experiencing due to COVID-19, the events industry has had to transform itself in order to spread its wings in the digital world. Thinking before the pandemic of a 100% virtual event where visitors, organizers […]

¿Qué debes saber sobre el auge de los eventos virtuales?

What should you know about the rise of virtual events?

Due to the change of the global sector due to the pandemic, virtual events have had a boom compared to previous years. Live streaming applications and digital platforms have allowed companies to recreate everything that is lived in the different events, but virtually. Today there is a considerable number of people who are willing to […]

Plataformas Over the top (OTT) una nueva forma de transmisión de contenido

Over the top (OTT) platforms, a new way of streaming content

In recent years the way in which content is transmitted has undergone a radical change. Technological advances and the popularization of the internet have been one of the precise elements for us to go from watching pay TV to using Over the top (OTT) platforms. This streaming service has had a great demand by its […]

UI y UX una filosofía de diseño basada en el usuario

UI and UX a user-based design philosophy

The success of a digital marketing strategy in a company or business is essentially linked to the design of your web portal. In this section, we will clear those doubts that are presented to you regarding what is UI and UX design?  and how you should use it in your company as a digital strategy. […]

¿Cómo están utilizando las empresas la Inteligencia Artificial?

How are companies using Artificial Intelligence?

Currently technology has been expanding its development, and thanks to this, companies or companies have managed to grow exponentially, many of them due to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). But what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What is artificial intelligence? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the skill that a machine or computer system possesses by presenting […]

Las métricas SEO más influyentes

The most influential SEO metrics

Do you have a website? Very well, that is the first step to occupy a place on the internet, but it is not everything; you need to apply certain SEO strategies that help you not only be on the web, but to position yourself on it. It is also important that you use certain metrics […]

Gsuite vs Office 365 ¿Cuál Suite Empresarial Escoger para mi Negocio?

Gsuite vs Office 365 Which Business Suite to Choose for My Business?

Both Microsoft and Google are 2 of the largest technology companies today; And both offer interesting plans that include everything from office automation, to cloud storage and communication tools. That’s why this time I will show you an interesting comparison: Gsuite vs Office 365 Which is better for your business? The two companies offer a […]

5 razones para Integrar una e-commerce a tu Sistema de Ventas.

5 reasons to integrate an e-commerce to your sales system

In this day and age when everything is migrating to electronic platforms, commerce is by no means the exception; It is for this reason that most establishments and commercial enterprises have opted for transactional websites. And there are many reasons why you can integrate an e-commerce to your sales system. 1.- Continuous attention 24 hours. […]