La tecnología no se va de vacaciones

Technology doesn't go on vacation

We have heard it said that vacations are to disconnect and take a break from day to day and immediately we associate this phrase with that we should not use our electronic devices and keep them in airplane mode as much as we can but what if you use technology to disconnect from the world […]

Las mejores opciones para llevar su empresa a la nube este 2021

The best options to take your company to the cloud this 2021

At the enterprise level, there is more and more talk about Cloud Computing and its benefits. But do you really know what are the best options to take your company to the cloud? Knowing them will make a big difference between success or failure when it comes to digitizing your company. Options to take your […]

La importancia del SEO en tu sitio web

The importance of SEO on your website

Today the internet has become part of our lives, but not only for people but also for businesses. In fact, many claim that “if you are not on the internet you are invisible”. But it is not enough to have a website, you also have to position it. But how? the answer lies in the […]

Machine Learning: más familiar de lo que piensas

Machine Learning: More Familiar Than You Think

Today, the ability to learn is no longer only reserved for humans, the recommendations of movies and articles in online stores, as well as the ability of autonomous cars to know the way, are achieved thanks to Machine Learning. What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is a new area of artificial intelligence. This technology manages […]

Los peligros de no digitalizar y automatizar su empresa

The dangers of not digitizing and automating your business

We live in an era of digital change and this era is here to stay. Companies that don’t adapt to this reality will be at a disadvantage, not to mention how little chance they have of surviving. If you’re still not convinced to digitize and automate your business, you should know the dangers you face. […]

¿En verdad es más costoso un Software Personalizado?

Is Custom Software really more expensive?

The term “custom software” is very common in the business environment, mainly among small and medium-sized companies; Especially for how useful one of these can be for the management of the company, but also for the price it can reach. This raises questions about the cost of custom software. And it is usual to hear […]

¿Qué debe tener un sitio web para que cumpla su objetivo?

What should a website have for it to meet its goal?

Nowadays all businesses dream of having a website and more than a dream is a necessity, however, it is not enough just to have a website, you have to design it well so that it can be effective and profitable, but then what should a website have to meet its goal? These aspects can range […]

5 razones para Integrar una e-commerce a tu Sistema de Ventas.

5 reasons to integrate an e-commerce to your sales system

In this day and age when everything is migrating to electronic platforms, commerce is by no means the exception; It is for this reason that most establishments and commercial enterprises have opted for transactional websites. And there are many reasons why you can integrate an e-commerce to your sales system. 1.- Continuous attention 24 hours. […]

Gsuite vs Office 365 ¿Cuál Suite Empresarial Escoger para mi Negocio?

Gsuite vs Office 365 Which Business Suite to Choose for My Business?

Both Microsoft and Google are 2 of the largest technology companies today; And both offer interesting plans that include everything from office automation, to cloud storage and communication tools. That’s why this time I will show you an interesting comparison: Gsuite vs Office 365 Which is better for your business? The two companies offer a […]