Gsuite vs Office 365 Which Business Suite to Choose for My Business?

Gsuite vs Office 365 Which Business Suite to Choose for My Business?

Both Microsoft and Google are 2 of the largest technology companies today; And both offer interesting plans that include everything from office automation, to cloud storage and communication tools. That’s why this time I will show you an interesting comparison: Gsuite vs Office 365 Which is better for your business?

The two companies offer a number of service plans that include a lot of tools; And it is important to know what each of the options offers when opting for one or the other. Below, you will be able to see the series of elements that each one contains, as well as their price.

Gsuite vs Office 365 What plans does each offer?

Both services have 3 different plans, among which you can choose the one that suits you best by paying a monthly membership.

In the case of Office 365, it has 3 different plans that are:

  • Basic, for a price of 4.20 euros for each user per month.
  • Standard, for 10.50 euros for each user per month.
  • Premium, for the price of 16.90 euros for each user per month.

While in the case of Gsuite, the prices are as follows:

  • Basic for 4.68 euros per user per month.
  • Business valued at 9.63 euros for each user per month.
  • Entreprise for 23 euros for each user per month.

What does each include in your service package?

Both service packages offer both a complete office automation and a series of communication tools, cloud storage, etc. First, you can see information about the different office options offered by each one.

  • In the case of Office 365, it offers the best known programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Which have a desktop version, as well as a web version for Linux users.
  • On the Gsuite side, you have applications such as Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations; that are compatible with Office 365 office automation and you can open your documents. In addition to offering applications for iOS and Android.

Now, in terms of cloud storage, Office 365 has OneDrive that offers 1 TB of storage per user with the possibility of making it unlimited; in addition to being able to share information through SharePoint.

In the case of Gsuite, the basic plan offers just 30 Gb per user, but also offers unlimited storage in its business and enterprise plans; But it offers greater ease of sharing information.

Finally, in terms of communication services, both offer alternatives. Google offers Meet and gmail, while Office 365 has Skype, Teams and Outlook; both allow you to have a personal domain in email, but Office takes the lead thanks to the advantage that Teams takes over Google Meet.

Which is safer between these two?

Companies as large as Google and Microsoft pay special attention to the security of their services; And it is not for less, then you can find basic information about both.

  • In the case of Office 365, it has a multi-factor authentication function; In addition to using artificial intelligence to analyze work habits of each user and thus detect suspicious activity.
  • Gsuite on the other hand is built on the structure of Google Cloud so it applies the same security guidelines. Including automatic detection functions of any suspicious activity, and even hacking attempts. You can even enable access policies to restrict certain features unless an authorization is granted.

In general both are very good options, and either will work wonders; But what really interests you is to know which one is better, right?

Well, in terms of office automation, Office 365 takes the lead and this is largely due to its long experience with these products, in the same way with cloud storage; Regarding security, both have very good features.

Finally, in terms of communications and messaging, Office 365 takes the award again; while, price-wise, Office 365 is more affordable.

However, in terms of flexibility and innovation Google can be more attractive, as well as friendlier since its learning curve is lower.

In conclusion, each one has advantages and disadvantages, it is best to evaluate the circumstances of your business and based on it make your choice.

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