UI and UX a user-based design philosophy

UI and UX a user-based design philosophy

The success of a digital marketing strategy in a company or business is essentially linked to the design of your web portal. In this section, we will clear those doubts that are presented to you regarding what is UI and UX design?  and how you should use it in your company as a digital strategy.

What is UI and UX design?

The competition in the virtual world is fierce, if you want your customers to see you with good eyes, everything will depend on the digital strategy you offer them. The user when entering your website, must feel comfortable and live a positive experience, from the beginning to the end of their journey. All this thanks to a functional UI and UX design.

UI Design:

Its initials in English refer to User Interface and in Spanish, interface designer.

It is responsible for guiding the user through navigation on the website or application.

UX Design:

Its initials in English User Experience, in Spanish, user experience. It is responsible for research, study and analysis of user sentiment on the web. As well as the feeling that let him use the product.

Two complementary ways of organizing a digital development procedure.

UI and UX design features

Although they have similar names, they have their own characteristics.

UI Design

  • It is responsible for drawing the screens
  • Friendly displays
  • Screens must be approved for the development team to work
  • It has to do with the visual interfaces of your website
  • Colors, creativity, multimedia
  • The interface is the point of communication between the customer and the machine
  • It’s what the user sees
  • Manage the brand and style of the business page
  • Guides the user through navigation
  • The user will perform the actions naturally
  • The contents are distributed in a harmonious and functional way
  • Graphic part
  • It is a part of the whole

UX Design

  • It is the scientific part, works with quantitative and qualitative data
  • Makes navigation a pleasant process
  • Customer contact is paramount
  • Manage your needs and solve them
  • User perceptions
  • You must understand the user
  • Enables seamless interactions
  • Rapidity
  • Easy to use and attractive
  • Strengthens the usability of the website
  • Formulates hypotheses, conjectures of the flow by which a user will enter the digital platform
  • You will discover the different steps that the user performs
  • Areas of pain or discomfort, which cause the user to abandon
  • Work with cognitive psychology
  • It’s all the design

Why UI and UX design makes a difference

Customer impressions about a product always occur after use. Hence the importance of having an excellent interface, together with a profitable user experience. This generates more traffic on your website, product of the good recommendation.

By having happy customers, who achieve their goal within your website or application, you will sell more products and services; You will get more conversions, strengthening your personal brand.

Customers will remember your product and think it was an enjoyable experience.  Driving that user’s return to your website, blog, or app.

The positive results of your digital strategy will allow you to optimize efforts and impose new and greater challenges on yourself regularly.

UI and UX designs have particular functions, but they must be used together, because one is complementary to the other. That way you will have a solid digital strategy, with satisfied and happy customers.

To summarize this topic, what is UI and UX design? We can say the following:

If the philosophy of life in your company or business, is based on providing your customers with the best possible experience since they enter your digital portal, during the journey through it, and the successful completion to achieve your goal, then you are on the right path of user-based digital design.

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