What should you know about the rise of virtual events?

What should you know about the rise of virtual events?

Due to the change of the global sector due to the pandemic, virtual events have had a boom compared to previous years. Live streaming applications and digital platforms have allowed companies to recreate everything that is lived in the different events, but virtually.

Today there is a considerable number of people who are willing to follow an event live from their homes. And artists, speakers, sports leagues, among others, have joined this new era.

Exponential growth of virtual events and digital infrastructures

Due to the growth of virtual events, the demand for remote workers has been increasing; Content providers have had to scale network bandwidth, interconnection capacity, and security. All this to ensure a reliable and unhindered event for the public.

Virtual platforms have been experiencing growth that puts pressure on existing IT infrastructure. For example, virtual conferences now last several days or weeks and have different types of online interaction, such as live presentations, video streaming, meeting rooms, etc.

Most of the participants in these virtual events have expressed that, during these events, they prefer participatory, interactive methods; which requires highly digital interactions.

As a result, you must have the necessary bandwidth to give a successful delivery meeting all expectations, without suffering any performance problems. That is why among the basic elements to carry out a virtual event are:

  • Streaming provider. It is the service that will allow you to share the video.
  • Event platform. It takes care of everything that happens around the video stream, that is, the experience that the consumer will live.
  • Landing page registration pages. It allows user registrations, so that they charge correctly and protect links between visitors.
  • Meeting. A session where participants can share video and talk.

In order to hold a virtual event and have everything under control, these aspects are essential to have them covered.

What is the key to success in virtual events?

The biggest attraction that a virtual event can have is the content. If you plan to dedicate yourself to this, keep in mind that you must design something that is extremely eye-catching, visual and stimulating; In this way, attention and commitment are maintained.

You must ensure that the event responds to all the interests and preferences of the public to keep them hooked, which will require a large-scale previous work. Although virtual events require less preparation than physical events, physical events must have greater precision and control of what will happen minute by minute.

You will need a great work team to be visually stimulating, you will also have to recreate with sounds everything that is carried out. In turn, good images, good video quality and lighting, can not miss; It is a work where all elements must be in harmony with each other.

These events have become something unique, new and promising, where companies can rely on pleasing their customers; So your business will grow despite having to adapt to these changes of the new reality.

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