Meet the best platform for virtual events

Meet the best platform for virtual events

And well, what an ambitious title. But the truth is that Polpoflix deserves it!

During the global emergency that we are experiencing due to COVID-19, the events industry has had to transform itself in order to spread its wings in the digital world.

Thinking before the pandemic of a 100% virtual event where visitors, organizers and sponsoring brands could interact was not to the liking of many, and the truth is that it still is not.

Let’s be honest, who would change a comfortable and modern hotel (hopefully in another country), with delicious meals, networking and personalized attention from brands, for basically being behind a monitor. We would think that no one!

But! The pandemic arrived and taught us that we must adapt, that we must find the advantages and learn to see the glass half full. So let’s start there.

What are virtual events and what benefits do they have?

A virtual event is when a meeting, seminar, conference, assembly, council, class, takes place in the digital world. We usually talk about viewers connecting through the internet to consume content that is expected to be of interest to them.

With the latter we have the first key and benefit of a virtual event, viewers can only consume the content that is of their particular interest. It is not necessary to sit on the computer for 2, 3, 5 or 8 hours to be able to listen to the 15 or 30 minutes that matter.

Although we might think that in a physical event, we could also attend only what interests us, we must think about the time involved: getting ready, moving to the place, finding a parking spot, registering, and returning home. So, virtual events score.

Thinking about transfers, what greater benefit of a virtual event than the possibility of being connected with Europe and the same day with the United States. On the internet, distances do not exist and allow the more than 30 nationalities that have used our virtual event platform say so.

Why limit the number of people that can attend an event when we can hold an event with, I don’t know, 70,000 live viewers? Think about it, you, us, and 69,998 connected at the same time, living the same experience. These are things that virtual events allow.

And so we could continue mentioning benefits. Again, let’s see the glass half full!

And why is Polpo talking about virtual events?

Polpo Data Analytics & Software Development. It is no secret to anyone that the name of our company does not evoke an immediate association with virtual events.

At Polpo we are obsessed with developing usable software that generates a pleasant user experience, and the truth is, with all due respect, virtual events needed us.

What did we do?

First, we put the user in the middle. The brands, the exhibitors, and the organization are fundamental aspects to create a successful event, but we believe that without the participants, an event is meaningless.

For this, we carried out a desk job that would allow us to know what that profile of attendees at a digital event was going to be, what does it do? How does it interact with technology? What is it looking for? What tastes and preferences have?

We are honest, we cannot define it. The number of types of profiles that could be connected to a virtual event is immense and it would not be possible to describe them in such a way that we could get to know them in detail.

Of course, we had a relevance, that we found the starting point of our virtual events platform.

The interface

For a moment, virtual events insisted on simulating reality. 3D designs of lobbies, simulations of movie theaters, virtual hostesses that interrupted site navigation and virtual stands, with unpleasant, complex, and poorly standardized user interfaces and experiences.

Fortunately, the market has spoken, and it has been in charge of displacing these options that do little to help the user take advantage of what a virtual event can offer.

As a palliative, Polpo proposes a simple but effective solution. Which?

To give us an idea, the population of the United States is around 328 million inhabitants. In this same country, there are 268 million subscriptions to different streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, etc).

These streaming services, even if they don’t want to, share something, their interface. An interface that has already affected millions of users around the world to consume content digitally. An interface that has proven to be useful over time and that is gaining more and more followers.

It was not necessary to invent warm water, we already have the answer on how to offer a digital product to such a wide variety of profiles.

The motor

Polpoflix is ​​not just a pretty face. It is also equipped with a transmission engine capable of reaching tens of miles of viewers (and counting) with less than half a second of transmission delay and adaptable to all network speeds, both fixed and mobile.

This engine, hosted in the powerful Amazon cloud, has allowed us to offer our clients the stability and quality that allow the user to access the content without headaches or obnoxious distractions.


How important it is to be able to offer a tool that provides interaction in times of social disconnection.

At Polpoflix, users have live chat, real-time polls, view and post stories, and access to content in multiple formats to communicate with each other and with brands.

If we think, for example, of the stands, a user usually visits these stands only once during a physical event. With the tools we offer, we have managed to get the same participant to interact dozens of times with each of the brands and users that are part of the event.

Measurement and analysis

To find out how and how much a user has interacted with the content of our platform, we provide our clients with a dashboard that allows them to monitor user behavior in real time. Of course, this respecting the user’s privacy and access to personal data.

Both our event organizer clients and the participating brands will be able to have a clearer return on the investment they are making, and therefore they will be able to make the most of their participation in the event.


And what would streaming platforms be without their famous recommendation models? Polpoflix personalizes the content of the platform to adapt to the user’s taste.

To do this, we categorize the available content and ask users to indicate their affinities to suggest content that we know will attract their attention.


Polpoflix is ​​a product proudly made 100% by Polpo, so we can transform it based on the needs of the users who are going to use it.


The world has changed. Virtual events were the solution in the worst of the pandemic crisis, but they are here to stay.

The participants of the events deserve to be placed in the center, as the most important thing. We must think about your needs and interest to access valuable content and resources in an easy and pleasant way.

We consider Polpoflix a solution to this need and we are eager to show you that your event can be a success with the use of our platform.

If you want to know more, you can send us an email to, write us a WhatsApp message at +50688957902 or fill out the following form. It will be a pleasure to advise you so that together we can produce the best virtual event.

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