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How to adapt my company to the digital age?

We’ve had the experience of hearing people say that their organization, products or services are not adaptable to technology. There are few times when this can truly be affirmed, since usually the reason why they do not decide to adopt these changes is due to lack of budget, time, willingness or knowledge of solutions that can be applied.

Today we bring simple passes that can be the beginning of an adaptation to the digital and technological era in which we live.

Have a digital presence

Today users decide to buy or select a service without even coming into direct contact with the person who offers it. This is why we must do the homework and worry about being within reach of our customers.

Registering on Google Business, Waze, Google Maps, Trip Advisor and any other free digital platform that allows us to generate digital presence will never hurt. This will allow us to have visibility and be able to be found when customers are looking for information related to our type of activity.

In addition to this, opening accounts on social networks is also an excellent way to make them available to our customers.

Finally, acquiring your own domain on the internet, developing a website and creating a corporate email will improve our image and presence in the digital world.

Everything described above can be achieved without investing money, except for the domain (~$12 per year) and a corporate email service (~$5 per account per month in Office 365 or Google).

Identify funnels and repetitive tasks

We have had the opportunity to assist our clients with the development of work tools that automate repetitive tasks and digitize funnels in business processes.

Examples of funnels are:

  • Paper forms.
  • Forms in Excel, Word, PDF that are distributed 1 to 1 and are not stored properly.
  • Approval flows (credits, construction materials, desk review).
  • Logs (security, work execution, audit).

Examples of automatable processes:

  • Customer Service FAQs.
  • Generation of reports.
  • Generation of spreadsheets.
  • Lead generation.
  • Update of order status, service orders, complaints.

These are just some of the points where you could digitize the organization and make the management of tasks within it more efficient. This optimization will bring you savings in time and money. Proof that today companies are turning their gaze towards process automation is the expected amount of investment for 2021 in this area, companies are expected to invest more than $ 3653 million.

Digitization and proper management of data

Data is a valuable resource and little exploited by organizations. Through a systematic management of data your organization can generate a competitive advantage that will allow you to make decisions effectively and accurately.

You can start this process for free with the use of technologies such as Google Forms, Google Sheets and business intelligence tools such as Power BI.

Replicating successful models

If one of the reasons why you have not been encouraged to digitize your organization is due to lack of knowledge, we invite you to investigate technological solutions that organizations similar to yours have applied in other latitudes.

Sometimes the answer can also be found in other industries, and in order to do so you can dedicate yourself to keeping updated through technological news portals. We recommend some sites:

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