How are companies using Artificial Intelligence?

How are companies using Artificial Intelligence?

Currently technology has been expanding its development, and thanks to this, companies or companies have managed to grow exponentially, many of them due to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). But what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the skill that a machine or computer system possesses by presenting a capacity equal to or greater than that of human beings in their activities, such as: collecting information, performing a function and performing it autonomously.

Based on what has already been mentioned, many companies are using Artificial Intelligence in many ways, always thinking about the idea of emerging and implementing new ideas at the technological level regardless of the business sector.

How are companies currently using Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

There are several business sectors where Artificial Intelligence is applied, however, we will show you at least the 4 most important:

  • Automotive industry: When building cars, manufacturers turn to Artificial Intelligence (AI), being one of the business sectors with more strength in advancing technologically, leaving in evidence the use of robots and machines that perform the enormous tasks when building cars.
  • Marketing: Artificial Intelligence (AI) leads Digital Marketing to anticipate the needs of customers or users, even before they look for it, it also makes easy the process of informative tasks or collection of documentation, allowing the streamlining of procedures, without the client noticing the difference.
  • Customer Service: They are a sample of the strengthening of Artificial Intelligence (AI), showing great performance with its automated systems offering personalized attention through chatbots and virtual assistants, in order to improve customer service and allowing you to feel satisfied.
  • Accounting and Finance: The (AI) allows programming applications in order to execute operations automatically, and performing extraordinary functions such as the arrest of fraud and money laundering, including audits, assigning specialized bots in the area.

3 leading companies using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Currently there are approximately 60% of companies in general using Artificial Intelligence (AI), here we will present a top 3.

1.- Apple

In recent years Apple has advanced technologically, since 2010 when it acquired Siri (SRI Venture Group) for approximately 200 million dollars, whose interface makes voice recognition an absolute fascination in users, positioning itself in one of the companies with more use of (AI).

2.- Amazon

Its biggest acquisitions lie in the use of machines they own (AI) to control the delivery of grocery products to their customers. In addition, it has machine learning, which allows you to predict products and prices automatically and offer personalized recommendations.

3.- Google

It manifests almost all its investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI), but it is practically based on 2 main products, machine learning and deep learning these allow users to make their lives easier to perform learning tasks.

Benefits and Importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Taking into account the above, there are multiple benefits of importance in artificial intelligence in the technological business sector.

  • It allows the use of robots in order to facilitate automation tasks or routine processes, without human intervention.
  • AI makes it possible to predict trends, which is an opportunity to generate new products and services before the competition.
  • Thanks to AI, the exponential increase in productivity and quality in the production of the work carried out becomes visible, as well as a more focused vision.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an important role in society, and in the Business sector, every day the function and performance of it advances and we see it reflected in the simplification of processes we perform, making life easier.

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