Over the top (OTT) platforms, a new way of streaming content

Over the top (OTT) platforms, a new way of streaming content

In recent years the way in which content is transmitted has undergone a radical change. Technological advances and the popularization of the internet have been one of the precise elements for us to go from watching pay TV to using Over the top (OTT) platforms.

This streaming service has had a great demand by its consumers due to its easy access, you can use it from your device anywhere, you only need an internet connection. In this section we will talk more about this type of platforms.

Over the top (OTT) platforms What are they?

Over the top (OTT) applications are “free streaming” platforms, that is, their dissemination of content is through the internet without using the traditional way. However, this service has its advantage and disadvantage, as an advantage we can mention that from any mobile with internet access we can enter.

On the other hand, we can find a disadvantage, image quality and audio can be affected if megabytes or bandwidth are limited. There are three ways to get OTT services.

By subscription: In this case the customer makes the payment on a regular basis, in general, the cancellation of the service is monthly or in some cases annually.

For advertising: In this option to opt for the service is free, only that in an interspersed way there will be ads or advertising between the contents.

On demand: At this point the client pays per view, the OTT that have this form of payment offer a specific content, the consumer chooses it and cancels the video. (Amazon prime video channels is a case in point)

Classification of OTT platforms according to the technology used

Over the top (OTT) platforms can be classified according to the different technological solutions you use:

You can download without a certain player

The video will be transmitted over the Internet in an open format; using a video player and can be downloaded to the device allowing offline playback.

You can download with a specific player

The videos are transmitted over the internet in a closed format and you need a specific player; They can be downloaded to the device and played offline.


To use this service it is necessary the internet with a free or closed format; as it will not play if you have no connection and will not be saved on the device.

Through an open platform

The video is played in the browser via the Internet.

Through the store

It is necessary to download the application since it uses a closed platform and is transmitted using the internet.

Types of companies and services

There are different types of companies and services according to the preference or need of users. Then we will talk about some of them:

Video and television service

Netflix: It is one of the most recognized Over the top (OTT) platforms and its success has crossed borders. Not only is it responsible for broadcasting content, but it also produces series, films and documentaries that have been awarded with international awards.

Disney plus: It is one of the youngest Over the top (OTT) platforms that exist in the market. But its launch in the United States and Spain has caused a stir in a short time. Among its contents we can find series, movies and great classics.

HBO: It was in 2010 where you launched your streaming using the name HBO Go. It is recognized in the market for its series of own production.


Spotify: It is one of the best known music streaming applications; You have the option to listen to your favorite songs without the requirement to pay every month.

Communication services

In the Over the top (OTT) platforms we can find communication services such as Skype that through the internet we can make calls (two users), video calls (conferences), text communication. And messengers such as telegram and WhatsApp, which allows us to exchange messages, photos, documents and make video calls.

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