The most influential SEO metrics

The most influential SEO metrics

Do you have a website? Very well, that is the first step to occupy a place on the internet, but it is not everything; you need to apply certain SEO strategies that help you not only be on the web, but to position yourself on it. It is also important that you use certain metrics to analyze how your progress is going, then we will show you the most influential SEO metrics.

The most influential SEO metrics

As we mentioned at the beginning, the implementation of SEO strategies, as part of your digital marketing plan, is vital for your organic growth within the web; and you can measure the result of your work by implementing evaluation metrics.

However, within all the large number of existing metrics, which are the most important when evaluating your SEO? To answer this question, we will present some below and the tools you can implement for their respective analysis.

Organic visits

This refers to how your website is attracting traffic from Google, in short, it shows if your effort is having an impact.  In this aspect, there are two relevant points, visits by brand and visits not brands.

By this we mean the type of visits you are receiving; if people find you because the name of your brand comes to mind or if, on the contrary, they have found you purely by SEO.

These visits by brands do not mean that something is wrong, only that, when evaluating organic visits, you should do it separately, since you really want to know if you are positioning yourself through the keywords you are implementing.

Tools that can help you evaluate this metric are Google Analytics and Search Console.

Keywords ranked

This metric refers to keywords, or keywords that will help you rank within Google search engines and most importantly, if these keywords are bringing traffic to your website.

In this case, it is best to use third-party tools such as: SEMRush, Ahrefs and Sistrix.

Keyword position

While it is true that it is important to analyze the position that your keywords have reached, and which of them have achieved it, it is also important to know in what position you are with that keyword, for example, Pastry for weddings, how positioned you are with said keywords, and if you are improving this positioning over time.

Release the following tools for this analysis: SEMRush, Ahrefs, Sistix, Serch Console.

Pages that bring traffic

With this we can analyze how many URLs within our website, is bringing us traffic. An example of this can be, if within our website, we have 100 URLs, but only 10 of them are bringing us traffic, then this shows us that the other 90 are not worked correctly, and need our attention urgently.

For this analysis, there are several tools you can implement, but the most accurate are: Google Analytics and Seach Console.

Indexed pages

This metric refers directly to how many URLs within your website are indexed. This is very important, because if within your website, for example, you have 100 URLs, but only 10 are indexed, the other 90 will not appear in search engines, since Google will only have those 10 in its indexes, therefore, it is logical that the other 90 do not position.

Use these tools for such analysis: Google, Google Seach Console.


This metric tells us how many keywords, within the entire set of keywords you own, are positioned, how many are making truly valuable.

These tools will help you with the analysis of this KPI: Sistix, SEMRuch, Ahrefs.

Now that you know better how to evaluate the progress of your website, start analyzing these metrics now, and implement strategies that help you achieve the positioning you want so much.

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