What areas can personalized software enhance?

What areas can personalized software enhance?

The technology available today can make people’s lives easier and companies more productive. There is so much current technology that some people say “everything has already been invented”, however, for companies this is not always valid and in those cases the option we recommend is to resort to personalized software.

But really, when is it necessary for a company to apply custom software? What considerations should be taken and what areas of the business could benefit? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you decide whether to apply custom software in your company or not.

When is it necessary to apply custom software?

The reality is that there is currently a wealth of IT solutions on the market, they are usually more than enough to cover the needs of the oldest and most common markets. However, given that our society is evolving, new markets are opening, and new activities are being developed both at an industrial and social level, this has the consequence that in some cases new programs have to be developed to monitor and control them or it may happen that existing software has features that the organization does not need.

Cases and examples

So, if your business belongs to this new “Blue Ocean” of startups and neo-companies, perhaps that is the reason why you cannot find a software fully adapted to your needs.

On the other hand, there are other reasons that may give rise to the requirement of customized software, such as: an atypical environment, a new manufacturing process or an innovative improvement in your company.

For example, suppose you have a company that manufactures radiators for cars and motorcycles and a company has developed an amphibious car that requires a radiator subjected to pressures, fatigue and vibrations that are not common for a car or motorcycle. Given this situation, it is very possible that the programs designed for data sampling do not comply with the necessary ranges and parameters. At that point you will most likely need to resort to custom software, but would it be worth it?

Areas benefited from customized software

To answer the open question in the previous paragraph, we must bear in mind that the main purpose of a company is to provide a service to society and generate value through it.

So if you are thinking of purchasing custom software, you should assess that the cost of it generates a greater benefit for the company. Many times this benefit is not seen in the short term, but in the long term.

This especially tends to happen in human resources or logistics programs, which in the first instance only facilitate the work of employees or the transfer of products; but then this is summed up in a greater value for the company since the chances of error are reduced and execution times are reduced.

In summary, We will mention some areas that will surely benefit:

Production: If the software is designed for your production lines, both their control and production capacity could be positively affected.

Warehouse: When the flow of products is better controlled, inventories can be greatly relieved, perhaps you will not have to invest in a large amount of stock if you acquire a customized IT solution that allows you to control the products in your warehouse.

Finances: Regardless of the area in which you apply your personalized program, if the solution is effective, this will bring a positive consequence for the company’s finances, whether they reduce costs or execution times, in the end both represent money for the business.

Finally, we can say that as long as the cost of the computer program does not escape the company’s budget and generates a benefit greater than the investment, the impact in general will be positive for the main areas of the company.

So, keep in mind that technology is one of the greatest allies of your business and if you have really searched for and valued many computer options on the market and none of them leaves you completely satisfied, your best option will be personalized software.

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