Machine Learning: More Familiar Than You Think

Machine Learning: More Familiar Than You Think

Today, the ability to learn is no longer only reserved for humans, the recommendations of movies and articles in online stores, as well as the ability of autonomous cars to know the way, are achieved thanks to Machine Learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a new area of artificial intelligence. This technology manages to predict future behaviors, allowing tasks to be performed autonomously.

Although the name of the technology talks about machine learning, this itself is not so literal. That is, it does not mean that the machine alone learns. Rather, it means that, after receiving data, one of the system’s programmed algorithms detects a pattern, modifies it and depending on the established performs some actions.

The key to Machine Learning lies in the construction and adaptability of the decision trees previously loaded into the system. Similarly, the schematized formulas added to these trees form a system of inferences. Thus producing an adaptive and flexible system.

Because these actions are executed autonomously by the system, it is said that learning is automatic, without human interference. This technology is very advantageous especially when handling a large amount of data, because it is done more effectively.

Who uses Machine Learning?

There are a lot of companies that work with a high volume of data, and this is because they recognize the value of machine learning. Thanks to this, banking, health, marketing, among others, organizations manage to work more efficiently, taking advantage over their competitors in the market.

Machine Learning is really very useful for business. It is capable of saving shopping trends, automatically translating information of any product, and recognizing the voice of any user. That is why large industries increasingly rely on these technologies. Let’s look at two examples: Amazon and Netflix.


Enterprise giant Amazon has leveraged machine learning technology. This technology has allowed it to offer lower prices to its users, as well as improve their experiences on the page.

Similarly, based on Machine Learning Amazon managed to develop in 2014 the popular Alexa, virtual assistant. After analyzing the user’s voice, Alexa is able to execute more than 45,000 commands received. This product currently has millions of purchases made, which shows its resounding success in the market.


In the case of Netflix, they have developed an algorithm capable of collecting data from the movies or series that we commonly watch on the platform, then analyzes them and makes decisions. In this case, their decisions become recommendations that automatically reach us about series or movies that we may want to see.

The most impressive thing is that this is repeated continuously, thus improving and refining the decisions of the algorithm. Therefore, it is common that sometimes we feel that they know what we think or want.


In conclusion, Machine Learning technology is an ideal tool for companies to give a better value proposition to their market, this in the end results in greater satisfaction for the user and of course better profits for the company.

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