Technology doesn't go on vacation

Technology doesn’t go on vacation

We have heard it said that vacations are to disconnect and take a break from day to day and immediately we associate this phrase with that we should not use our electronic devices and keep them in airplane mode as much as we can but what if you use technology to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself? Even when your goal is to put a pause on work responsibilities or academic loads, technology facilitates and improves experiences to the point that we could not even reach our vacation destination if it were not for an App like WAZE that dictates the way, or Spotify that makes us less tired the trip while we are singing our favorite songs or, the classic, with Youtube to put baby shark doo doo doo do to babies until they fall asleep and we reach our destination … All these options within technology are for us at any time, even on vacation, and you will agree with me that thank goodness technology does not go on vacation.

Apart from these technological options that we use both in our daily lives and on our vacations, there are applications and portals that can make our vacation experience something much more enjoyable and enriching for both our mind and our body, and to enjoy individually or in company. For that our team of polpeanos made a list with our favorite applications and portals to use in our free time, hobbies or walks.

Below is the list of the YES (If you want, if you can, if you go…)

1. If you want to sit on the sand to read a book we recommend you download My Books, Books, Kindle or, if you are one of those who try to read three pages and you are already asleep, we recommend using Audible to listen to your books. Right now our team is reading: Reboot of Jerry Cologne and My Story of Michelle Obama on Audible.

2. If you are not a book artist at all, podcasts are a good option to inform and entertain you. We leave you a list with some of the pile that you can find on spotify:

  • “This did not happen with Jobs” so as not to lose the thread about technology and business.
  • “The Healthy Happy Podcast” and “Understand Your Mind” if you’re looking to work harder on your personal growth and interpersonal relationships.
  • “What’s Wrong In Nothing Happens?” if you want to inform yourself of what’s going on in the world while laughing instead of crying at how fucked up everything is.

3. If you are going to hike, run or ride a bike, we recommend using the RunKeeper app, perfect for documenting and measuring your physical activity.

4. If you want to start a new hobby such as yoga, meditate and take squares we recommend AloMoves or the Nike application.

5. If all the above recommendations seem very nasty and hard work and you just want to laugh a little, we recommend you download CharedesApp to play with your family and friends.

6. If you have no idea where to go for a walk or eat, we recommend using TripAdvisor and giving the necessary credits to user reviews.

7. If you captured moments with yours and then you would like to share the content in a different way we recommend editing your photos with Tezza if you want to put professional presets to your photos, Unfold if you want to upload stories to your networks with frames or creative sources and InShot to edit your videos and even make them in collage.

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